About Us

RemillTM has been operating since 1994, where the concept of creating value added products from recycled timber originated from Colin Haydock's (my) own home renovations.  

I had been using simple tools to transform beams into various timber components within the house, which in turn inspired myself and a friend to look at the concept on a larger scale.

Situated in the Bayswater suburb of Perth, Western Australia, we have enough timber stock and a compliment of specialised woodworking machinery to manufacture a variety of mouldings, furniture/components, table/bench tops, doors etc.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing a quality product, and so our timber selection of raw material is important. Generally we source timber from various salvage yards, or direct from demolitions.


It is valuable to care for the environment, use recycled materials and very rewarding to see something old and discarded transformed to a useful, new product. We are dedicated in maximising the best use and size from the raw product we recover, and not slicing large timbers into smaller, simply for the purpose of creating a more merchantable product in smaller sizes. Large widths are enough of a rarity to treasure and admire.
We value and respect our resource and try to maintain the integrity of the original material.

In collecting discarded timber, removing the nails, bolts and then processing it into an architrave, a floorboard, a table top, or even a new set of windows, it means that the life of the timber is extended.
A further bonus is that well selected raw material is superior to its 'new' counterpart, as it is more stable and richer in colour and character.