About Remill™

Perth Zoo orangutan enclosureAt Remill™, we produce a variety of mouldings, including tongue and groove flooring, square dressed timber, architraves, quarter round, skirting boards, reeded decking, and tongue and groove V panel board from salvage timber. we manufacture doors, windows, stairs, tables, kitchen tops and furniture.   Bespoke products are our pride.

We specialise in fine quality Western Australian hardwoods such as Jarrah, Blackbutt, Marri, Wandoo and Karri.

Well selected raw material is superior to its ‘new’ counterpart in several ways. The age and history of salvage timber gives it a unique depth of character and rich beauty which newer timbers can’t match. As it dries naturally over a number of years, salvage timber is also less prone to warping or shrinking than recently felled, kiln-dried timbers.

By using recycled timber, we’re able to source large section timbers not readily available  and sell our products competitively priced to newer materials.


Remill™ established in 1994, where the concept of creating value added products from recycled timber originated with Colin Haydock’s (my) own home renovations. I had been using simple tools to transform beams into various timber components within the house, which in turn inspired myself and a friend to look at the concept on a larger scale.

Situated in the Bayswater suburb of Perth, Western Australia, we have sufficient timber stock and a complement of specialised woodworking machinery to enable us to manufacture a variety of timber products including period and contemporary mouldings, bespoke furniture/components, table/bench tops and doors.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing a quality product and so our timber selection of raw material is vast and important. Generally, we have sourced our  timber stock from various salvage yards or direct from demolition sites.

Our Ethos

We value caring for the environment by using recycled materials and find it very rewarding to see something old and discarded transformed to a useful, new product. We are dedicated to making the best use of the raw product we recover; we do not slice large timbers into smaller, simply for the purpose of creating a more merchantable product in smaller sizes. The rarer large widths are to be treasured and admired.

We value and respect our resource and try to maintain the integrity of the original material.

In collecting recycled timber, removing the nails, bolts and then processing it into an architrave, a floorboard, a table top, or even a new set of windows, extends the life of the timber.

We excell in our workmanship, problem solving and attention to detail.

Specialists in Recycled Timber Milling, Floorboards, Decking, Architraves, Skirting Profiles, Assorted Mouldings, Stairs, Cabinets, Bespoke Manufacturing and Custom Milling Services